About us

The participation in setting trends by Mercedes-Benz as its dealer, Duda-Cars wishes to participate in the preservation of the extraordinarily rich heritage of the manufacturer. Therefore, its exceptional relation to the products by Daimler is also expressed by searching for, renovating and creating collections of the most iconic models that have ever left the assembly lines of Mercedes-Benz.

Our collection consists of carefully selected and rarest pieces, including the sports AMG as well as other cars with the M-B star on the bonnet which may be more easily available but are still just as special.

We invite you to commence your adventure with classic motoring with us!

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Our team

Jakub Dehnel

Legends Sales Manager

Tomasz Osses

Sales specialist

Bartosz Labijak

Legends Technical Service Manager

Jakub Przybylski

Doradca Serwisowy ds. Legends

Michał Grabowski

Legends Technical Service Advisor

Maciej Iłowiecki

Spare Parts Sales Advisor